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Reporting Areas

Your Dollars, Your Neighborhood program is estimated to generate $8.6 million for service enhancements and new investments: Vacant Lot Mowing, Residential Road Resurfacing, Parks Improvements, and Preschool Promise. The remaining funding fills a budget gap that allows the City of Dayton to maintain essential public safety services and increase the average number of police officers by 20 by 2024.


Vacant lots are mowed once per month, April through October. This dashboard displays inventory of vacant lots that have been mowed, when they have been mowed, and how frequently they are mowed. Mowing information is updated continually, April through October.



The 8-year residential road paving program will bring average residential pavement condition from poor to satisfactory. The map feature displays roads that are scheduled for paving, as well as roads that were completed. This dashboard also displays the pavement condition of residential roads by neighborhood, and the condition of the overall city network. This dashboard is updated as paving occurs, April through December.



The City made an 8-year commitment of nearly $2 million to enhance the City’s park system. This dashboard displays the parks that have been completed, as well as planned improvements in future years. The dashboard is updated with before and after pictures of parks as they are improved.



This dashboard displays a map of preschool providers in Dayton, the number of children enrolled in the program, as well as the “Step-Up to Quality” star rating of each provider. This dashboard is updated quarterly by academic year, August 1st to July 31st.



The City has committed $8.5 million annually to support Your Dollars, Your Neighborhood initiatives. This dashboard displays available budget, committed budget and actual expenditures by program area. This dashboard is updated continuously on a calendar year basis, January to January.



The City committed to increase the number of police officers by 20 as part of the 8-year Your Dollars, Your Neighborhood campaign by 2024. The number of officers in uniform will increase from an average of 345 to an average of 365. This dashboard is updated annually, to reflect changes in actual staffing.


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